Quality Takes Time

From first sketch to final stitch, there’s pride and dedication sewn into every David Nieper garment. We make your clothes here in our Derbyshire sewing rooms, using authentic dressmaking techniques handed down over decades.

Nearly all our seamstresses have the practised skills to make a garment in its entirety, from start to finish. Often, when you place your order, it will be made just for you – isn’t that lovely? Look out for the little label that accompanies your order – it’s signed with pride by the people who’ve made your clothes.

How We Make Your Clothes

Exclusive Designs

It all starts with you...

We design and make premium quality clothes especially for women over 50, so you can look and feel confident, comfortable and elegant in everything you wear. Every new collection starts with our customer, so we use special design techniques that flatter the mature figure.

Timeless looks, superb quality

Our talented design team travel the world, seeking out only those fabrics that drape beautifully and feel luxurious. We know our ladies are discerning and style conscious. We also know they love timeless looks and appreciate great quality. We keep all that in mind with every style we create.

Creating the Perfect Fit

Cut for comfort and elegance

Our sizing specialists make sure every outfit works beautifully. Our bodies change shape as we age, so we size our clothes according to our customers’ figures – not the market as a whole. Our team work out the exact proportions needed to make the paper pattern and perfect fit for every size.

Tried and tested by our own team

To see exactly how something will look when you wear it, we use in-house volunteers, as well as special mannequins that represent the real-life shape of our customers. All our styles are available in sizes 10-24. Because we make everything ourselves here in Derbyshire, we are very consistent in size and fit. We can also offer special sizes on a wide range of styles.

Take a look behind the scenes

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