Made in Britain

Why we love nature’s finest fibres

Made in Britain

Why we love nature’s finest fibres

You may have noticed that here at David Nieper we have a passion for natural fibres. Their lasting beauty is matched by their breathable comfort, and they have an almost magical ability to keep you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. So this summer, think about adding some splendid silk and pure, pristine cotton to your wardrobe.

Cotton Silk Shirt

Supreme silk style

For an even more luxurious alternative, treat yourself to a featherlight cotton silk shirt. As a natural fibre, silk has all the same breathable and insulating properties as cotton, plus irresistible softness and splendour.

Striped Cotton Jumper

Sundowner knitwear

Don’t forget to add some cotton knitwear to your stylish summer wardrobe. Cotton yarn is ideal for cardigans and jumpers to keep on hand for when the sun has dipped below the horizon but you simply aren’t ready to go back indoors.

We recommend that you always choose natural fibres for your nightwear. Both woven and jersey cotton allow your body to breathe and maintain the cool temperature that’s necessary for unbroken sleep. On warm nights, woven cotton will help to keep you cool and comfortable. Jersey cotton is breathable too and has a lovely luxurious feel.

For a great night's sleep

Cool Cotton Pyjamas

Cotton Nightdress

Perhaps you’re looking forward to getting away for a break. Once again, natural fibres should be at the top of your packing list. We are very fond of featherlight overshirts. They’re ideal for protecting sensitive shoulders in the midday sun – and they can transform a simple outfit into something rather special. Our luxury cotton silk shirt is delightfully breathable and featherlight – or you could choose the luxury cotton and silk kaftan and enjoy breathable comfort.

Natural fibres for travel

Luxury Cotton and Silk Shirt

Cotton and Silk Kaftan


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