Made in Britain

Cotton with a conscience

Made in Britain

Cotton with a conscience

October 01, 2023

Soft. Lightweight. Breathable. There are so many reasons why cotton is a wardrobe staple. Premium fibres are a joy to wear – that’s why we select high-quality, sustainably sourced cotton for our cotton jersey garments. It’s produced in Naoussa, Greece and is known as Supreme Green Cotton® – but we call it White Gold.

Relaxed Cotton Jersey Nightdress

Mayflower Jersey Nightdress

Working with responsible suppliers

Too many fashion brands can’t trace where their cotton comes from – or if it’s ethically produced.

This isn’t the case at David Nieper. We’re exceptionally selective about the suppliers we work with because we know it’s important to the planet – and to you – that your clothes are made in an environmentally, socially and ethically conscious way. That's why we're committed to reducing our impact, partnering with ethical, quality-driven suppliers and creating pieces that last. And this starts with our must-have pure cotton jersey.

Cotton Twill Nightdress

Jersey Spot Pyjama Top and Trousers

Where our cotton comes from

Beautiful clothes start with premium fibres. We were uncompromisingly picky when it came to selecting our cotton jersey supplier, and were delighted to find Supreme Green Cotton® from Naoussa. Prized for its high ethical standards and enduring softness, these pristine fibres feel gorgeous next to your skin.

Cotton is woven into the tapestry of Naoussa's rich heritage. In the 20th century, almost half of its population was employed in textile factories owned by the Lanaras family. The Lanaras were at the heart of the city, building schools and hospitals and giving their names to many of the winding streets.

You’ll also find the Varvaressos spinning mills amidst Naoussa’s fields. Located here since 1908, these family-owned mills spin beautiful Supreme Green Cotton using mindful methods.

How our cotton is produced

The Supreme Green Cotton project works with farmers across rural Greece to source ethical, sustainably farmed cotton, alongside wheat, corn, legumes, and grapes.

Gintzidis Stavros, for example, farms almost 30 acres of cotton for the project in the village of Glafki, beneath storied Mount Olympus. Gintzidis spends six months nurturing his cotton seedlings before the harvest. He then takes them to the ginning mill, where the fibres are separated from the seeds, stems and leaves.

The refined fibres are cleaned and packed into bales before making the short journey to the spinners at Varvaressos. Here, it becomes immaculate, supremely soft cotton yarn – our White Gold. Experts then knit the yarn into cotton jersey fabric before it arrives at our studio, ready to become this season’s styles.

Rainbow Pyjama Top and Trousers

Ditsy Cotton Nightdress

What makes our cotton special?

The Supreme Green Cotton project prioritises responsible practice and supplier wellbeing. They ensure that farmers like Gintzidis are paid fairly, work safely and remain protected by human rights legislation. They also verify the environmental awareness of their farmers and suppliers to make sure the cotton is produced with minimal impact on the planet.

Our White Gold cotton, for instance, is grown from GMO-free seeds, using biological methods over chemicals wherever possible. Supreme Green Cotton project farmers use methods that support biodiversity, plus carefully crafted irrigation systems that reduce water consumption.

Supreme Green Cotton isn’t just good for the environment. It has a positive impact on rural economies and communities, and provides jobs for locals in Naoussa – the area has suffered from unemployment since the Lanaras’s heyday.

So you can enjoy every layerable cotton knit, every soft, dreamy nightie and every essential cotton tee in absolute confidence. Because it's not just crafted with care by us, but from the moment seed met soil.

We’re proud to know exactly where our cotton comes from. And now, you do too.


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