Made in Britain

British-made: beautiful clothes, designed and made in Britain

Made in Britain

British-made: beautiful clothes, designed and made in Britain

October 01, 2023

Mélange Lambswool Roll Neck and Chunky Lambswool Jumper

From first sketch to final stitch

Clothes designed and made in Britain: once common, now rare. But here at David Nieper, we’re proud to craft intelligently designed clothes right here in Britain – from the first stage to the last.

Enduring quality, ethical supply chains, minimal carbon emissions – discover the difference of buying from a British brand.

Designed in Britain

Every style is designed and made in our UK studio. Combining modern technologies with time-honed techniques, we create the pieces you’ll still be turning to in years to come.

From considered essentials to distinctive pieces and luxe textures, our female-led design team craft items as versatile as your diary demands. Intuition meets expertise in pieces made for a mature silhouette, so you can enjoy the feel of a perfect fit. The secret’s in the details – our lined fronts, perfectly placed gathers and lengthened short sleeves. Thoughtful features, all cleverly styled to elevate and flatter.

Bramble Jersey Dress

Ultimate Comfy Jeans in Black

When designing, we look beyond the throwaway to create styles that stay relevant. Current yet timeless, our clothes bring you a wardrobe with maximum wearability – this season and next.

Printed in Britain

Prints are at the core of each collection we create. They bring personality and colour to an outfit, and embolden and inspire with mood-boosting hues. We’re unapologetically picky when it comes to our prints and put time into making each one perfect. Using digital equipment and carefully honed, sustainable techniques, our patterns are printed to stunning effect on premium fabrics.

As one of the few UK fashion brands printing in house, we have maximum control over the end result. This means consistent patterns and lasting colour, and the ability to spend days refining a print. In house printing also enables us to maintain sustainability by minimising fabric offcuts and reducing water usage and carbon emissions. The numbers are staggering. Our digital printing technology, for instance, saves up to 60 litres of water per metre of fabric.

Find designs to satisfy every colour craving in our new collection. Elegant florals, fashion-forward geos or heritage-feel stripes, each style is printed in Britain by our expert team. The prints are exclusive, too, meaning you won’t find them on anyone else’s shelves.

Made in Britain

Once printed, the fabrics make the short journey to our sewing rooms – they’re just a few minutes apart. Every style, whether luxurious coat or soft jersey separate, is handcrafted by our expert dressmakers. Our team of 60 dressmakers have vast experience in garment making, crafting versatile styles via techniques honed over decades.

When it comes to sewing, we know it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each style requires a set of skills that takes years to perfect. Consider jersey – a favourite for pull-on pieces. Its gentle stretch must be fed into the machine with skill and care to protect the shape of the garment.

Devoré is another material needing a practised technique; switching to the finest needles and handling the fabric lightly, almost as though it were tissue paper, ensures we make the smallest intrusions into this luxe fabric.

Easy Jersey Dress

Satin Devoré Dress

Making your clothes here in Britain means we can adjust garments especially for you. Simply get in touch to arrange amendments to hemline and sleeve lengths or to discuss special alterations and sizes outside our standard range.

Build a wardrobe with enduring style and enjoy the difference of British design. Shop now.


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