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Best of British Knitwear

Style Advice

Best of British Knitwear

September 01, 2023

Mélange Lambswool Roll Neck Jumper

British-made luxury knitwear

An ultrawarm lambswool jumper, a layer-up lambswool cardigan, an indulgent merino roll neck jumper…

If there’s a part of your winter wardrobe that says ‘investment,’ it’s knitwear. Exquisitely crafted premium knits last for years, becoming those treasured pieces you turn to season after season. From soft, responsibly sourced yarns to impeccable stitching and classic designs, discover best-of-British styles in our new collection.

Luxury knitwear, made for you

We create knitwear that is uncompromising in quality and timeless in style. Combining heritage techniques and expert knowledge with the intuitive edge of our female designers, we create knitwear pieces that are as warm as they are stylish.

Premium pieces start with superior yarns. We’re scrupulous when it comes to selecting suppliers who share our values – and this means transparent supply chains, sustainable priorities and a beautiful final product. Read on to find out more about our suppliers.

How we make your knitwear

We fully fashion all our knits. Unlike the more instant (less refined) cut-and-sew technique, full fashioning involves individually knitting each piece before hand-linking them together in a finished garment. In cut and sew, meanwhile, the shape of the garment is simply cut out of pre-knitted fabric.

Full fashioning takes time but creates a garment unmatched in quality. The edges are stitched and sealed by hand for a finish that doesn’t just look neater – it stays perfect year after year.

Colour Block Merino Cardigan

Cosy Merino Dress

Whether it’s a striped lambswool jumper or pretty roll neck, patterned pieces look far better when fully fashioned. You won’t find the mismatch you’ll often get in cut-and-sew knits, where the pattern joins imperfectly at the seams. Stitching each panel together by hand as we do allows us to marry up each pattern and create a perfect final piece.

Sustainability is another reason why we choose full fashioning. Stitching each garment piece individually means minimal waste, which allows us to keep David Nieper a zero-waste-to-landfill fashion brand.

Luxurious Lambswool jumper from Yorkshire yarns

We are proud to source our lambswool from Z. Hinchliffe & Sons in Yorkshire’s Denby Dale. Founded in 1766, this family-run mill produces warm yarns perfect for winter. Working directly with suppliers and dyeing before spinning gives a softer yarn without the scratchiness you sometimes find in lambswool pieces.

Try this beautiful yarn in a new lambswool jumper – there’s nothing like it on a chilly day. Why not pull on this Pink Striped Lambswool Jumper for a casual fit? It sets a modern tone with stylish stripes, and keeps you warm with ribbed cuffs and thick, fluffy fibres.

Pink Striped Lambswool Jumper

Chunky Lambswool Jumper

Our Mélange Lambswool Roll Neck Jumper is another cosy style. Featuring an oaty homespun texture and ribbed roll neck, it keeps you snug when the snow starts. For classic style, try this Chunky Lambswool Jumper. Cable knit brings an understated finish – it’s the detail that never dates.

Cosy Lambswool cardigan

A layerable lambswool cardigan

Rediscover your love for layers with a beautiful lambswool cardigan. You’ll be smitten with the pretty stripes detailing the back of our Cosy Lambswool cardigan – they bring a contemporary feel to its wearable beige.

This Longline Lambswool Cardigan adds another versatile shape to your wardrobe. Smart enough for a trip into town yet sufficiently cosy for lazy home days, this lambswool cardigan will soon earn its place in your wardrobe.

We’ve filled our winter collection with lots more cosy cardigans. A three-way monochrome makes this colour block cardigan infinitely wearable, while the alpaca-enriched knit brings additional warmth to this fabulous cardicoat.

Longline Lambswool Cardigan

Warm Cotton and Wool Mix Cardicoat

Magical merino

Merino wool is prized for its feather softness and lightweight feel. And did you know that it’s machine washable? A supersoft knit that’s easy to care for – perfect!

We use strong Italian merino yarn for knits like this burnt orange jumper and lovely roll neck jumper. Sourced from a select handful of family-run businesses, our merino is created using innovative technologies to ensure lasting colour – just one of the reasons why we love using it for our more distinctive styles.

Soft Merino Knit

Striped merino jumper

Discover merino pieces for every mood in our collection. Pop a new capsule in your wardrobe with this biscuit-coloured roll neck jumper or add a touch of fun with these pink and blue stripes. Want a change from a cardigan or roll neck jumper? Try this Cosy Merino Dress – its cherry red is pure joy!

Discover more British-crafted knitwear in our new collection.


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