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David Nieper Skills and Education

At the David Nieper Education Trust people are our magic ingredient! We are passionate about developing local skills and local talent and giving people career opportunities in fashion.

Many British fashion labels manufacture overseas, which over the years has led to a shortage of skilled fashion workers in the UK. We’re living proof it’s possible to make beautiful, high quality fashion in Britain, from the first sketch to the final stich.

This year we celebrate our 55th anniversary, our success is credit to our people. We employ around 250 staff including designers, dressmakers and marketeers in our Derbyshire fashion house, and have dedicated customer service offices in France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland.

Young people are our future. We believe that good education and developing skills is the key to future success for both our company and the fashion industry. We work with education at every level including primary, secondary, higher and onsite vocational training, to encourage careers in fashion manufacturing for young people.

Fashion for Free!

Fashion for Free! is an annual competition to celebrate the best young design talent at Primary school level. It’s a fun project for young children encouraging creativity, resourcefulness and environmental awareness.

The competition is open to 5-11 year olds, who are challenged to design and make a textiles creation. Children are not allowed to spend any money on their design and are asked to find something from around the home or school, and give it a new lease of life using only old and recycled items.

As part of the competition, children are given the opportunity to visit the sewing rooms and design studio, where they can watch designers and dressmakers at work and learn how clothes are made from start to finish.

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The David Nieper Academy

The David Nieper Education Trust has been appointed ‘sponsor’ of Alfreton’s secondary school by the Department of Education, making it the first school in Derbyshire to be sponsored by a local, private company.

The vision is to create an outstanding school of which the community can be proud. The new school will offer superb facilities, outstanding academic achievement and an extra magic ingredient which no other Derbyshire school currently offers; a privileged connection with local employers which could lead to jobs and apprenticeships or students being sponsored through college or university.

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Undergraduate Scholarships

Launching your career is always a challenge and University is expensive!
The David Nieper scholarship aims to help with both. We work closely with both Nottingham Trent University and the University of Derby to reward students who show exceptional flair in textile and fashion design.

As part of an annual design award, students are asked to create a capsule collection as part of their degree portfolio. The brief is a challenging one and students must consider colour palette, fabric and silhouette, they also need to demonstrate excellent technical understanding.

We are always impressed with the level of imagination, originality and commercial understanding from students and often our scholarship winners stay with us for paid internships over the summer holidays.

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Sewing School

Our sewing school was set up to help address the fashion industry’s skills gap and pass specialist tailoring and dressmaking skills onto a younger generation. We need to recruit and train before specialist fashion manufacturing skills are lost forever.

At David Nieper we have always worked with local people and strongly support local talent. Our sewing school is run by two of our most accomplished dressmakers and offers practical, hands-on experience including dressmaking essentials, such as cross-stitch, overlock, lockstitch and bar tacking. Students learn the basic principles of working with patterns, then progress to a range of different fabrics.

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